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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is based on the fact that the basis of our thinking is the language by which we express our thoughts. And the word neuro refers to the role of the nervous and sensory systems in perception of the world. The experiences we have experienced in our lives are organized into units (schemas) based on our perceptions and thoughts.

With the NLP method, these fixed, established patterns can be changed. This may be necessary if one of these regimens does not work well, such as causing a symptom or illness such as an allergy. Such symptoms, when they occur, are always caused by a positive motive, but later on, when they become more severe, they return to symptoms.

In such a case, during the course of treatment, the experience of the given scheme is explored and rewritten, causing the associated unwanted symptom, behavior, etc. cease. Rewriting the problem-causing scheme works because before the onset of the symptom there was a period in the client’s life when he was healthy. It also has an internal schema that the patient’s organization remembers. The therapist uses this to achieve healing.