Instead of panicking

Writing by an anesthesiologist chief…
“For a while, I’ve been watching posts about the coronavirus in the nest. All this is good for panic and nobody cared how to handle it calmly.
If I say flu epidemic, nobody would care. However, it is also a viral infection and is not very different from the coronavirus. There is no special medicine for either, because most of the viral infections cannot be treated, there is no medicine. However, we are no longer afraid of influenza because not many people seem to die from it. But why? Because a well-functioning immune system in young people overcomes and gets away with an upper respiratory tract cataract. Someone quickly defeats someone worse, but we survive, we survive. So is the coronavirus. Who has a good immune system defeats and heals. What’s more, children are often asymptomatic but they become infected and spread undetected. What about the elderly and the immunocompromised? They struggle to cope with the flu. From the upper respiratory tract, the virus spreads to the lower respiratory tract and causes pneumonia. The weaker the immune system, the greater the pneumonia and the harder it will be to heal. But why don’t so many people die of influenza? Because many people get the vaccine and they are protected. And they also protect their environment from the spread of influenza. Unfortunately, anyone with a very bad immune system will die of the flu! There is no special treatment and if the immune system cannot overcome it unfortunately no help. What about the coronavirus? Exactly the same with one big exception. This is an unknown new virus for humans. He has never been met by the immune system. There is no vaccine against him so there is no protected person against him. That’s why it spreads quickly and unstoppable. So most people’s immune systems will defeat the virus and get away with an upper respiratory tract. But the elderly and those with weak immune systems are completely defenseless. They are very vulnerable to the virus. Why are there so many dead now? Because no one is protected! Elderly and chronic patients who receive the flu vaccine will suffer from the flu but are defenseless against the coronavirus.

So what can we do now? Who can stay home to prevent the virus from spreading. This is especially important for the elderly, because if they stay at home and do not catch the virus, they will not be sick! But if they crawl on the street, they’ll get the virus and know the consequences. Don’t let our elderly parents out! Take care of them. Don’t visit us because we will pass on the virus. They closed the school and needed to work from home to slow down the spread of the virus. It will spread unchallenged, but if we are at home we will slow it down. Why is this important? Because health care also has a finite capacity. If slowly, scattered patients arrive, treatment is available. We have class and intensive beds and staff. But if we do not stay at home, we will do as we do in China and Italy. Suddenly, there are a lot of patients who do not have enough health care capacity. That’s what happened there. Some people who may not have died … Those with very weak immune systems will die because your body can’t fight the viral infection. I beg for the old people not to crawl on the street but to stay home so they don’t get sick! The tram is full of the elderly! What is their important urgent matter? Play with their lives! Dying in something is not a good tactic because it is not comfortable lying in an intensive care unit and hanging out on a ventilator! Not a simple death! Another is that you can infect another time who may not want to die!
So, the point is, everyone who stays at home who can prevent the epidemic from spreading so quickly. This way we can heal everyone who can be healed. Don’t have kids and seniors on the street! Very many of us will be infected because the virus is not blocked. But your immune system will beat you too! Do not be scared at home, but do your part. The vast majority of us will swim with a cold! Don’t look at how many are infected because it doesn’t matter! Now the virus will explode, we have seen it in other countries. We’ll get it, we’ll get over it. All we can do is slow down the spread so that health care has the capacity to heal! So let’s stay home! The elderly not to catch it, the rest not to spread quickly.

As an anesthesiologist, I would like to say that I do not understand the hysterics of this ventilator. As if everything was going to happen! I’d like to say that if I get 10 sleeping pills right now, I don’t know what to do with it all of a sudden. For them to function, they need a minimum oxygen connection and most of them have compressed air. It won’t work without them. And if I put the patient on a machine, that alone is not enough because I don’t have a monitor. That is, I can’t measure blood pressure, I can’t see heart rate, I can’t see blood oxygen

About Quick Tests: Everyone Expects a Solution! What will you show? At the moment you did the test, were you infected? What about the next day? Do you take another test? If you are infected, you will know because the symptoms are coming. But you’re gonna survive, don’t get mad! What if your test is positive? You have to stay at home and get through. So, with or without a test, we’re going to be very infected. And we’re healing! The test is important if you have to be hospitalized because of a serious infection. Even so, the test is important only to be able to isolate a positive patient and not to infect a patient treated for another illness. It is not suitable for anything else, because its treatment does not depend on it. Because there is no special treatment. Of course, it is possible to read on the internet that they are trying different medications, but only in very serious cases are they trying to save one’s life. So it’s only in hospital settings. In all other cases the immune system works and overcomes the disease!


Even on masks: Only special masks protect the virus from being used by healthcare professionals when treating infected or suspicious patients. Surgical masks get through the virus very quickly if I’m in that environment. Patients alone should wear a mask to avoid spitting the virus into the environment when talking, sneezing, coughing. If you have not received a mask in the pharmacy, do not worry! That’s not what protects you from the virus! However, if you are sick, a piece of clothing can prevent you from spitting far.

Finally, I will tell you about my experience today. I also went to two drugstores (I won’t tell you a name) where the cashiers worked in rubber gloves and stood freely close to me for approx. Behind the 40 cm counter! I think these treasurers may already be infected. The coronavirus is primarily transmitted by drip infection. Without a screen there is no protection! So the gloves make no sense! Of course, if we wear gloves, we must continue to be careful not to touch our face or mouth. I don’t think anyone thought of that. The mail could only be entered one by one, and we were standing outside in the street. Inside was a screen, gloves, mask. This is very good, they have greatly reduced the spread of the virus. You should pay attention to such little things as well!

I think I wrote down everything I really wanted. Hope I could help a lot of everyone!
The bottom line is who can do it at home! Many catch it but defeat the virus. Vulnerable people take care of themselves best, they are the most needy. Don’t count how much is infected because it doesn’t matter, the virus will spread! We know our job in health care and we will help. In China, the epidemic has already taken place, and it is true that many people have died relatively quickly. Slow down the spread! We get a lot of experience from China and certainly help. Many instruments have been released there, they are getting to Europe. So do not panic, but adhere to the announced rules! They are there to help more people survive. Take care of everyone! “